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About Plastics

As such the five projects have interdependencies and will benefit greatly from exploiting the synergies between the projects. P5 – Circularity of Industrial Thermoplastic for high quality recycling spans the entire value chain and as such has potential to synergize with all other projects within this track.

P1 – Biocomposites to substitute plastic focuses on new biobased materials. New sourcing and planning approaches are developed for increased use of recycled materials in industry in P2 – Reverse Material & Product Requirement Planning, new design approaches enabling improved sorting and disassembly are developed in P3 – Design for Disassembly and in P4 – PetFection new recovery and processing technologies for increased reintegration and recycling of plastics are developed.

The projects address prioritized core challenges associated with: availability of recycled materials, trustworthiness and quality of these materials, and manufacturability of the recovered material are addressed from an industry perspective. New closed or semi-closed material loops are established within the activities.