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About Trace

A new broad partnership of 90 partners consisting of universities, knowledge institutions and public and private companies have joined forces to kick-start a number of projects with focus on circular economy to ensure plastic and textiles are developed across the entire value chain. Projects that have great environmental and climate impact reduction potential.



The goal for TRACE is to contribute to Denmark achieving the national climate targets in the areas of plastics and textiles by 2050. We want to create a Research & Development partnership, where companies and knowledge institutions in interaction with the rest of society and the most talented national and international researchers develop tools and processes to convert traditional linear production/economy/consumption into more circular solutions.




Our ambitious partnership must go across the entire value chain from companies to knowledge institutions, authorities and the market in order to facilitate the transition.


Innovation and technology are part of the DNA of Danish companies, and we have experience that knowledge sharing, collaboration and development belong naturally together and can create great results. This means that at the same time as we can strengthen the climate effort and at the same time as a society achieve a large job and export potential.

TRACE, Vision 2050

In the TRACE roadmap we have described a REGENERATIVE circular society where resources are regrown from sustainable resources at zero or low impact.