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Sorting plastic and textiles using AI driven sensing solutions

Sorting plastic and textiles using AI driven sensing solutions

The goal of this project is to design a system that is capable of efficient sorting of plastic and textiles with different degrees of contamination.

The system will hence allow plastic and textiles on the same sorting line.

There are basically two unmet needs: The existing AI systems are insufficient for sorting, and textiles are infeasible to handle with conventionaltechnologies such as air jets. Commercial solutions for systems for sorting plastic already exist. However, these are closed solutions (no access for externals to improve them) and with an insufficient functionality.

The improved sorting quality will allow to increase the amount of material that can be recycled.

The ability to sort mixed plastic and  textiles will allow for a joint collection system (plastic and textiles forming one fraction). This will beside the savings in infrastructure (bin, collection vehicles) also lead to a reduction in transportation needs.

Designing a competitive system here will lead to the possibility of entering the market which means production of such a system, in Denmark, will lead to increased employment. This is a long-term goal.


Participating partners:  University of Southern Denmark, Marius Pedersen and Aris Robotics ApS.

Project Leader

Henrik Gordon Petersen