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Project leader, Lykke Margot Ricard behind chapter on design for circularity

Lykke Margot Ricard, the project leader for the TRACE project on Design for Circularity, delves into the challenges of transitioning to a circular economy, using solar cell panels as a representative case in her contribution to "The Routledge Handbook of Catalysts for a Sustainable Circular Economy." The chapter underscores design-related issues that are crucial for facilitating the reuse and recycling of materials at the end of a product's lifecycle. Co-author Ph. d Sofie Bach Hybel


The case discussion not only identifies these challenges but also proposes design strategies to address them effectively. It emphasises the imperative for a paradigm shift in product design, advocating for a holistic approach that encourages full circularity. This shift is intricately linked to education, with a specific focus on inner transformation. Universities are identified as pivotal players in instigating this change, emphasising the need for incorporating circular design principles into engineering education. This aims to impart knowledge on how design can act as a catalyst for achieving complete circularity in product lifecycles.




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