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Progress in the project Circular Tex

Project Leader, Louise Møller Haase tells about the findings and learning in the project Circular Tex.

Progress in the project "Circular Tex"

In a significant development, it has been observed that circular initiatives within companies are often hindered by a lack of coordination. Problems and solutions are dispersed among various stakeholders and organizations, and without proper alignment, these circular efforts fail to materialize.

For instance, in our public procurement process and collaboration with Hjørring Municipality and Vrå Dampvaskeri, it has become evident that the laundry and the municipal buyers are trying to accommodate as many different employee preferences for workwear as possible. Their goal is to ensure a healthy work environment. However, the employees are not fully aware of the implications their diverse preferences have on the municipality's and the laundry's textile usage, which subsequently increases significantly. But when we bring them together in a workshop, they unanimously agree to contribute to reducing textile consumption by offering fewer choices.

This underscores the fact that circular innovation requires hands-on, personalized approaches. It's challenging to create one-size-fits-all, scalable solutions. The key lies in tailoring solutions to individual companies and collaborations.

On the flip side, when the right team is assembled, and there's a strong rapport among those working together, a sort of magic happens when there's a shared determination to find a way forward. It becomes a matter of "we can do this, and we must."

This insight is highly applicable to most public and private organizations that are embarking on or implementing circular initiatives in the textile sector.

Currently, we are diligently working to bring different stakeholders together in teams for the development of circular solutions. The next significant challenge will be turning this into a sustainable business endeavor.

Key players in this effort include Gabriel, Holmris B8, Vraa Dampvaskeri, IKEA, and Hjørring Municipality.


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