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Reverse Material & Product Requirement Planning

Reverse Material & Product Requirement Planning

The aim of the project is to adopt  and reverse material resource planning approach to increase the inclusion, utilization, quality and circularity of recycled plastic. Exploring the possibilities of introducing flexibility in recycled material demand and supply without compromising material value and recyclability is a key objective of the project.

Market regulation and customer demands are increasingly calling for recycled content, but the ability to deliver on demands is challenging as it is restricted by respectively:
The ability to operationally integrate recycled plastic materials due to rigid product and process requirements, and limited access to high-volume, stable supplies of homogenous quality recycled plastic. Depending on product type and production technology, a min. of >10% increase in the inclusion of recycled materials is expected.

Pilots will be made to demonstrate the optimization of production processes that in turn allow for greater flexibility in the sourcing and use of recycled raw materials. This will lead to a reduction of CO2footprint and increase growth and export in the Danish plastic recycling value chain by increasing the utilization, ability to integrate recycled content and value of recycled plastic.


Participating partners: Aalborg University, FORCE Technology, RC Plast A/S, Letbæk Plast A/S, Handi Life Sport ApS, Danish Fibers A/S,

Project Leaders

Susanne Reinholdt Damgaard