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MCC FASHION: Mass Customization for Circularity

MCC FASHION: Mass Customization for Circularity

In the past 15 years the use phase of garments is decreased by 36% and the clothing production is app. doubled btw. 2000-2015. An estimated one-third of imported garments to Europe is never sold. The fast fashion (one size fits all) – size and preference wise – is obsolete. Thus, there is a need to address the industry's lack of knowledge about user diversity, niches and the systematic approach to collection building (RM p. 17).

The aim of this project is to develop a set of design ontologies for the variation of user niches and their stated preferences for fit and style. The specific objective is to develop a framework addressing mass customization for circularity in fashion.

The project contributes to fulfil strategic goals for lowering the CO2e. Meeting changing demands from legislation, market and end-users, will enable the Danish fashion industry to strengthen the export market and increase employment. This project will enable the industry to be first movers and thereby achieve a market position in the transition to mass customization and circular economy.


Participating partners: Design School, Kolding, The Royal Danish Academy, Via University College, Bestseller A/S, Hjørring Municipality, Coze Nordic.

Project Leader

Anne Louise Bang