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Local sewing of cloth, which can be cost-effective with sew-robots, can eliminate large quantities of excess production due to a fast response to market demands with a short supply chain. In Denmark, 677 tons of unused cloth are yearly burned due to excess production. It produces 45.000 tons of CO2. Reshoring textiles manufacturing back to Denmark through automation is estimated to create 1000+ jobs alone, and exports of know-how and technological solutions will be a valuable asset for DK.

Participating partners: Aalborg University, Lifestyle & Design Cluster, Royal Danish Adacemy, NewRetex, Aarhus Municipality, Koege Municipality, Copenhagen Airports (CPH), Kentaur, ELDAN RECYCLING A/S, "AffaldPlus ", Spot-wear, Textile Change and Bornholms Affaldsbehandling (BOFA)

Project Leader

Morten Kristiansen