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Prolong/Design for Longevity

Design for Longevity (DFL) is one of the strategies emphasised to counteract and reduce the current overproduction and overconsumption of clothes and thus contribute to CO2 reduction.However, there is a lack of data to measure the actual effect of employing a DFL strategy, which leaves companies to base their longevity strategies on assumptions and hypotheses.

The aim of the PROLONG project is to identify the data collection points and pertaining data types needed for measuring and qualifying DFL strategies and product LCAs with a focus on CO2 impact beyond production.

The area of research thus focuses on the assumptions and practices of companies and users aiming at clothing longevity, including users’ interaction with clothing products from the point of sale and the subsequent use, maintenance, and disposal.

Based on the identified collection points, the project executes pilot studies to qualify data collection strategies and relevance of data sets. Finally, the project exemplifies how this kind of data can influence companies' communication about the effects of their longevity strategies.

The project addresses two communication levels in relation to DFL strategies. First the potential to influence user behaviour through transparent communication and secondly the communication with authorities to ensure compliance with future legislation.

The project will identify a minimum of six relevant data collection points and develop data-collection concepts for each of the six collection points.

These will be identified through a gap analysis of the partner companies and users’ longevity strategies and expectations compared with their actual behaviour and the associated environmental effect.

Further the project will analyse and evaluate insights for scalability of the data collection as well as develop recommendations for the partner companies to implement the design and business strategies for data-driven product longevity.

Participating Partners: Aalborg University, VIA University College, DTU (Technical University of Denmark), Design School Kolding, Tekstilrevolutionen ApS, Andersen & Andersen, Jan Machenhauer, By Malene Birger A/S, NN07, Mark Kenly Domino Tan ApS, Aiayu ApS, Week of Wonder, H. H. S. & Co. ApS and MICollect Aps

Project Leader

Louise Møller Haase